Best Feeling Hopeless Quotes & Sayings (March. 2018)

We should never get hopeless. There are always opportunities waiting for us. We just need to do hard work and keep pushing bad times. In order to motivate you all to never feel hopeless, we have arranged the list of best hopeless quotes of 2018.

Hopeless Quotes 2018

I want to drag knives over my skin, just to feel something other than shame, but I’m not even brave enough for that.Paula Hawkins

hopeless quotes

The basis of action is lack of imagination. It is the last resource of those who know not how to dream.Oscar Wilde
I continue to exist, and he continues to exist,but we don’t exist together.Colleen Hoover
I became intent on saving him through showing him that he was loved.Joyce Johnson
High expectations lead to higher disappointments.Anonymous
Only the hopeless love God.Jennifer Donnell
Hope without love is hopeless.Anonymous

hopeless quotes

You only feel powerless because your fear has given your power to the object of your fear. Once you realise this, you can claim it back.Kamand Kajouri
The heavenly Father is a hope to the hopeless.Lailah Akita
It is better to hope less than to be hopeless.David Emenike
It is not the absence of hope. Rather, it is the absence of our faith in hope.Craig D. Lounsbrough
It was hopeless. Their journey was ended before it had truly begun.Anonymous
A homeless with hope is in a better situation than a hopeless with home!Mehmet Murad
Hope is not some thin thing that is subject to the winds of fate. Rather, it is something crafted hard by the hands of God.Rick Yancey
Sometimes it’s hard to look at a flower, when your dying inside.Anthony Liccione
Nothing is more excruciating than hopelessly longing for lost love.Ken Poirot

hopeless quotes

Because, he says, it hurts to think about things that you can’t have or help. S’better not to think about it.Rainbow Rowell
No matter how dark and hopeless a situation may seem, always hold on and never give up your dream.Anonymous
i am hopelessly in love with a moment
that has not come yet. It exists somewhere, some place just not here, just not now.Aditya Kandari
You are not forever hopeless in the dark. Look up. There’s the Light.Mac Canoza
A voteless people is a hopeless people.Anonymous
There is absolutely no worse death curse than the humdrum daily existence of the living dead.Anthon St. Maarten
Some people are severely lonely, all they can do is accept the single life as an example of being free and happy.Anonymous
You can choose to stay strong and keep moving on or you can run, and in the end still make a U-turn..Chinonye Chidolue

hopeless quotes

Feeling hopeless? But are you even there yet?Anonymous
Until you can be grateful, you are completely hopeless.Bryant McGill
We need never be hopeless because we can never be irreparably broken.John Green
I feel my soul was born knowing this. It came to light a bit scarred; perhaps we will call it foreshadowing. As years past, I realized hopeless was never something I could be. I had too much hope; too much even when reason denied it.
The thing about hope is, it can act like an anchor, holding you in place waiting for something that will never come.Emilia Gonzalez
Never Lose Hope: Even the sun has to face dark days before it will fully shine again. Know that light within yourself to radiate beyond any clouds hanging over you.Robert Clancy
Man’s way leads to a hopeless end, Allah’s way leads to an endless hope.Unknown

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