Best Fake Smile Quotes And Sayings (January. 2018)

Fake Smile is emotion to hide your inner voice, or it is the fake reaction to someone to show off them that you are happy, but you are not. Here we have found best fake smile quotes of 2018, Hope you may like these.



Fake Smile Quotes 2018

You can only put on a fake smile for so long, then the truth begins to be disclosed.
Only a best friend can see the pain behind a fake smile.
Sick of crying, Tired of trying, Yes i am smiling but inside i am dying.

Fake Smile Quote

fake smile shows alot of teeth, but no teeth makes it look real.    
“I’ve always been waiting for a friend who can immediately know what I really feel inside when I fake smile and fool everybody else.”
Why be honest with yourself when you can just wear a fake smile on and bottle every thing up until you explode.
Fake smile is sometimes the best reaction when people expect that you will look happy.

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A fake smile confuses an approaching frown.

Faking a smile is so easier than explaining why are you sad.

fake smile quote

Safe the fake smiles for your wife later in life.

It’s getting harder and harder to wear a fake smile everyday because the more I wear it the more I know how much of a lie it is. 

It’s not a fake smile, it’s called having manners and being polite. It’s human instinct.

A fake smile rarely makes to eyes. The face seems dull instead of full of life.

A fake smile doesn’t make it to your eyes. Real smile is accompanied by smiling eyes.

And she finally gave up, dropped the fake smile as a tear ran down her cheek and she whispered to herself “I can’t do this any more”

fake smile quote

All it takes is a beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul and they will never notice how broken you really are.

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Beware of wolves in sheep clothing.

A fake smile may fool the crowd but it never eases the pain.

Fake smile does not reach the eyes very easily.
A fake smile can hide a million tears.
Head up, Stay strong. Fake a smile, Move on.
I am forced to fake a smile, A laugh, A conversation every day of my life; But what hurts most, Is that no one even notices.
I fake smiles all the time. If only someone would wrap their arms around me and tell me to stop because they noticed.
A broken heart, A dark past, A and i still behave like every thing is fine.

fake smile and happiness

You can fake a smile but you can’t fake your feelings.
You call me stupid? I fake a smile everyday and you believe it!
I put on a fake smile more than I should. Most times I wish someone, anyone, could see through it to know how miserable I truly am.
We can easily hide behind our mask and use a fake smile.
Fake a Frown, You Hurt Others. Fake a Smile, You Hurt Yourself.
A boring face is better than a fake smile.
She wears smile on her face every day , sometimes real & sometimes fake.


Everyday I get better and better at faking a smile and pretending everything’s just fine.
I have learnt the fake smile by staying among fake people.
I saw the fake humans and their fake smiles with their fake love.
Fake people wears fake smile, dear fake people thanks for the life lessons!

Fake Smile Story

One day, in Hindi period, our teacher was teaching about ‘samas’ (it is a Hindi word of ‘ compound). Though I was present in the class, my mind was somewhere else. I was worried about my mother who was in the hospital for an operation (this was the thought which continuously made be felt bad for many days until my mother returned from the hospital. When my Hindi teacher saw me he came and asked me:

Sir: Lakshmi, why you look so sad?

I: Sir, it’s nothing.

Sir: No, something is there.

( He was one of my favorite sirs and I told him about my problem.

He told me three things:

  1. Is it good to have a fake smile when inside you the termite of sorrow is continuously eating your heart?
  2. Is fake smile or tears in ones’ eyes is the ultimate solution to your problem?
  3. You should have a courage in your heart to fight with your difficulties and firm determination to overcome it.

There is no need to show the world what we feel in each and every situations. The thing which matters the most is how we cope up or deal with the situations. This decision decides the real feelings of our life.

One thing I want to share here is that my Hindi teacher is of positive thinking. I have never seen him with a sad face. Whenever he sees me, he smiles and I smile back too.

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